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Pre-Visit Requirements

  1. Be a legal resident of Oklahoma and have a valid proof of residency i.e. driver's license or state identification card.
  2. If you are under the age of 18, you must have your legal guardian or parent guardian accompany you to the doctor's appointment and also obtain approval from another physician prior to the visit.
  3. SENIORS and VETERANS are eligible for the discount rate of $225.00
  4. For patients who do not have any medical records or proof of their condition, may see the doctor to verify their current medical diagnosis for an additional $50.00 prior to the medical marijuana evaluation.

Cannabis Doctor Info

We have two offices in Tulsa and Bixby.

Jason Sims, D.O., an experienced physician with prior experience as an ER doctor, established THC2 to assist patients in finding a substantially effective treatment, as well as improving their overall quality of life. Dr. Sims is Board Certified in Family Medicine and accepts patients of all ages. Prior to the initial visit, any eligible minors must obtain a medical marijuana reccomendation from another physician.

Dr. SIms and his knowledgeable support staff are extremely passionate to be at the forefront of medical marijuana treatment in Oklahoma. While the program is stll in its early stages, patients visiting Tulsa Higher Care Clinic will have the opportunity to explore holistic or homeopathic alternativese and become educated on the use of cannabis, its methods of consumption, and how to integrate it into their current medication regimen.

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